Digital Treasures – University of Canberra


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The Digital Treasures program at the University of Canberra combines digital design skills with cultural heritage to digitise cultural collections and make them available online. This creates new ways of accessing and working with these collections. An example of their work is Australian Prints and Printmaking. If you’re interested take a closer look at what they do.


Time to ink up the plate


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As mentioned earlier, I have a keen interest in art, design and art history. Yet, I have dedicated very little time to this since leaving high school (a very long time ago). Short courses here and there, a bit of drawing, visits to galleries occasionally, but that’s it.

Having started this blog, it’s renewing the part of me that has been slowly withering away. It’s time to ink up the plate. By that I mean it’s time to make room for these things in my life. I’ll keep you posted.

My very first blog post

Hello everyone, this is my very first post, on my very first blog.  I’m not sure where to start! I have thought about starting a blog many times, but now that it has been set as an assignment for a university unit I am taking, it’s given me the nudge I needed to get things rolling.

So, what am I going to blog about? I have many interests so it’s difficult to choose.  I could very well end up blogging about all sorts of things! However, for this blog, initially anyway, I’d like to explore my interests in art, design and art history. These are things I have a deep interest in but keep putting aside because I don’t prioritise them in my life. I also have a burgeoning curiosity about how people interact with museums and art galleries online and I’d like to investigate this further. I hope you enjoy my blog.